Picture Book Review: “My Mom the Fairy”

When Daisy, the pet dog-turned-unicorn spills the last of the Fizzle Flakes, Sage finds out there’s more to her mom than meets the eye! “My Mom the Fairy” is an enchanted adventure to the land of Fizzle Valley where Sage and her mom go on the hunt for more of these magical flakes. Why are Fizzle Flakes so important? Well, if you’re a part-time tooth fairy, these flakes are a necessary part of the job!

Picture Book Review: Wendy Willow Water Ballerina

Wendy Willow started taking synchronized swimming lessons at 11 years old. The story takes readers on the journey with Wendy as she makes new friends, develops her “Synchro” skills, and discovers a passion for a team sport that will remain with her throughout her life. Spoiler Alert! Wendy Willow is the author, Diane Garcia and her story makes for a lovely memoir in “Wendy Willow Water Ballerina.”

Picture Book Review: Rosalee the Seeker

“Rosalee the Seeker: A Sensory Processing Disorder Story” written and illustrated by Nicole Filippone is an empowering story of a little girl with a heart as pure as gold and an endless supply of enthusiasm. Rosalee is expressive and passionate about the things she enjoys, thing like drawing and creating, singing and playing. Sometimes she does things she’s not supposed to do – but, “not on purpose!” Rosalee has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and that means she just needs a little bit of help learning certain things, like personal space and organizing herself and her belongings. When Rosalee starts seeing Ms. Kat she learns so many things that help her get the sensory stimulation she needs – and this makes all the difference for Rosalee!

Picture Book Review: “Numenia and the Hurricane”

“Numenia and the Hurricane” is a STUNNING book with a captivating storyline, gorgeous illustrations and a tiny whimbrel who will steal your heart forever. Inspired by a true story, young and not-so-young readers alike will be mesmerized by this brave and determined little bird. It’s a story I won’t soon forget, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Review: Celebrate

“Celebrate” is a one of a kind book that celebrates love! Told in sweet, lyrical rhythms, it’s a joyous, happy occasion that invite the readers to become a part of and join in the celebration. But, a wedding is not just a big party and young readers will enjoy learning all the different aspects that go into a couple creating a life together.

Multicultural Children’s Book Day Review: Priya Dreams of Marigolds and Masala

Like the warm and cozy tone of the pages, “Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala” is an inviting, inspirational message to kids of all colors, backgrounds, genders, religious and spiritual beliefs, etc. to embrace all of the things that make us unique, amazing individuals.

Picture Book Review: “BOO”

Based on a true story, “Boo” tells the tale of a classroom hamster who goes on an adventure one night after the teachers and students go home. Boo finds traveling around the school to be a joyous time of exploration and discovery, but he soon misses the familiarity and comforts of his cage and his classroom. Will he ever find his way back?

Picture Book Review: “Circus is Fun for Everyone”

Author: Anetta Kotowicz
Illustrator: Nina Ezhik
Publisher: ArtsKindred (2019)
Age Range: 4 and up

Publisher’s Synopsis:

Circus Is Fun For Everyone, from the interdisciplinary A Day In The Life Of A Kid favorite children’s picture book collection, draws the readers into the magnificent world of children’s imagination and acrobatic performances.

Ellie, the elephant, invites you to his favorite show, where cirque’s performers mimic and are applauded by children’s favorite animals like squirrels, hedgehogs, parrots, snakes, giraffe, monkeys, bears, rhinoceros, etc.

But what happens when someone starts to be unkind to others? Join Ellie and his friend to find out, and to create the best of the best circus show!

My Review

So let me just start out by saying the illustrations in “Circus is Fun for Everyone” are spectacular! So bold and bright, dramatic and engaging, these pictures will reach out and grab you, they are absolutely perfect for the colorful world that is a circus!

I love the overall goal of the book. The storyline sends several good messages about encouraging each other, being a good friend, standing up to bullies and not accepting bullying behavior in general.  This imaginary circus portrays a friendly attitude toward the animals that delivers a positive message about being kind to animals, something that doesn’t ring true with a real circus.

I would like to have seen a tighter storyline. I do love picture books that rhyme but it’s so hard to get the meter just right. Parts of the story I had to read twice to get the rhythm right in my head. This doesn’t necessarily take away from the overall intention of the message, it’s a personal preference.

I easily give “Circus is Fun for Everyone” a four-star rating. It’s an interactive book full of fun things to learn about, there are songs to sing and “no-bullying” signs to make. It’s quite simply a stunning presentation kids will want to revisit often.

About the Author and Illustrator

Learn more about the author – Anetta Kotowicz and illustrator – Nina Ezhik here: https://www.artskindred.com/contributors

Review Copy

I obtained a copy of this book to review from the author in exchange for an honest review. I’m reading my way through 500 picture books. Need a picture book review? Contact me!


Author: Tim Fortier
Illustrator: Kathleen Warno
Age Range: Kids of all ages!
Available at http://tfortpoetry.com

Tim Fortier describes his new book, Animal Imagine as “a whimsical take on animal stereotypes.” Whimsical indeed, this delightful, colorful picture book is a journey of tapping into your imagination to see what kind of magic you can reveal.

The story presents like a poem and readers are invited to imagine various playful scenarios of animals outside of their typical domains. Everyone knows giraffes have long necks but has anyone ever imagined a giraffe who wears neckties? What about a starfish trying on a t-shirt – can you imagine what that t-shirt might look like? And skunks? Can you imagine them spraying perfume instead of stinky stuff?

This story was so much fun to read and as I was reading I actually imagined whole classrooms full of kids giggling with delight at these hilarious and thoughtful situations and even creating their own “what-ifs” with other kinds of animals.

The illustrations are colorful and witty and complement the story, inspiring the imagination and captivating the audience. I especially loved the picture of the shark with braces.  Somehow, those silver shiny teeth made that big mouth a little less intimidating!

It’s obvious Tim puts his heart and soul into his work.  He visits schools and encourages kids to write their own poetry.  And – one dollar of every book he sells will be donated to charity, with a focus on organizations involved in pediatric cancer.

Animal Imagine is a fun story for all ages.

About the Author and Illustrator

Learn more about the author, Tim Fortier at: http://tfortpoetry.com.
Learn more about the illustrator, Kathleen Warno at: https://www.sarasotaartistkwarno.com/

Review Copy

I obtained a copy of this book to review from the author in exchange for an honest review. I’m reading my way through 500 picture books. Need a picture book review? Contact me!

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