Picture Book Review: The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog: The Journey Begins

Lucy cannot be still – she never could, even as a young pup on the farm. There is one dog who can help her though – the Wise Old Beagle. Lucy’s quest to find the Wise Old Beagle leaves her lonely and homesick – until she finds a new friend, Sam, and a new farm! Now that Lucy is older and wiser, she discovers a way to be as patient and still as Wise Old Beagle. And it’s a good thing – because Lucy is going to be a mama! I wonder what Lucy’s next adventure will be?

Picture Book Review: “My Shining Star”

It isn’t easy being a mom and a full-time working professional, yet there are so many families living within this scenario. Author Neha Das has written a tender story about the relationship between a child and her working mom in “My Shining Star.”

Picture Book Review: “My Mom the Fairy”

When Daisy, the pet dog-turned-unicorn spills the last of the Fizzle Flakes, Sage finds out there’s more to her mom than meets the eye! “My Mom the Fairy” is an enchanted adventure to the land of Fizzle Valley where Sage and her mom go on the hunt for more of these magical flakes. Why are Fizzle Flakes so important? Well, if you’re a part-time tooth fairy, these flakes are a necessary part of the job!

Picture Book Review: Wendy Willow Water Ballerina

Wendy Willow started taking synchronized swimming lessons at 11 years old. The story takes readers on the journey with Wendy as she makes new friends, develops her “Synchro” skills, and discovers a passion for a team sport that will remain with her throughout her life. Spoiler Alert! Wendy Willow is the author, Diane Garcia and her story makes for a lovely memoir in “Wendy Willow Water Ballerina.”

Picture Book Review: Rosalee the Seeker

“Rosalee the Seeker: A Sensory Processing Disorder Story” written and illustrated by Nicole Filippone is an empowering story of a little girl with a heart as pure as gold and an endless supply of enthusiasm. Rosalee is expressive and passionate about the things she enjoys, thing like drawing and creating, singing and playing. Sometimes she does things she’s not supposed to do – but, “not on purpose!” Rosalee has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and that means she just needs a little bit of help learning certain things, like personal space and organizing herself and her belongings. When Rosalee starts seeing Ms. Kat she learns so many things that help her get the sensory stimulation she needs – and this makes all the difference for Rosalee!

Picture Book Review: The Adventures of Lula & Buso: A Splash at Victoria Falls

“A Splash at Victoria Falls” is the first book in The Adventures of Lula and Buso by the brother and sister team of Mubuso Zamchiya and Mudiwa Zamchiya. In this debut adventure Lula and Buso travel with Baba, their daddy, to Victoria Falls. While Baba is working he arranges a guided tour for Lula and Buso to visit the Livingstone Museum and Victoria Falls.

Picture Book Review: Lazlo Learns Recorder

“Lazlo Learns Recorder” by Vicky Weber is a fun story about friendship, being a new kid at school and music! With step-by-step instructions on how to play the recorder, elementary school students will love this interactive tale!

Picture Book Review: Abigail and the Sea Otter

“Abigail and the Sea Otter” is the first book in Jeff Fabian’s Abigail on an Adventure series. In this story Abigail and her friend the sea otter, embark on a magical adventure to the beach, Abigail in her kayak and the sea otter swimming alongside. On their journey they experience nature in all its marvel from spotting different animals to climbing a sand dune and playing on the beach, simply enjoying the day together.

Picture Book Review: Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry

Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry is the spectacular debut book in the new Punk and Friends series by Misty Black. Punk liked making his friends laugh. The more they laughed the more pranks Punk would play, teasing and joking and just being funny. At least, that’s what Punk thought. But one day, his friends decide Punk is not so funny anymore. In fact, Punk is just being a bully!

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