Author: Jeff Fabian
ISBN: 9781652276319
Independently Published: (2019)
Age Range: 3-8

Amazon Synopsis: Join Abigail as she goes on a whimsical imaginary adventure with one of her favorite animals, a sea otter! After Abigail drifts off to sleep, she dreams of a wonderful adventure to the beach where she sees lots of animals, enjoys one of her favorite snacks, and spends a magical day with her new friend before returning to where she began at dusk.

My Review

“Abigail and the Sea Otter” is the first book in Jeff Fabian’s Abigail on an Adventure series. In this story Abigail and her friend the sea otter, embark on a magical adventure to the beach, Abigail in her kayak and the sea otter swimming alongside. On their journey they experience nature in all its marvel from spotting different animals to climbing a sand dune and playing on the beach, simply enjoying the day together.

The book itself is a nice size with large print that is appealing to young eyes learning to read, and older eyes with the easy-to-read font. The layout is unique in that the author tells the story on one side of the two-page spread with the illustrations playfully filling up the second side. This makes “Abigail and the Sea Otter” twice the size of the standard picture book and it feels like this extends the journey.

The illustrations are wonderfully simple. Soft and muted tones generate a sense of calm that allows children to enjoy the adventure without over-stimulating. Abigail is a cute and endearing character with a sweet button nose I just love.

Some of the highlights are meeting new and different species such as egrets and dolphin, pelicans and crabs. Readers also explore new places like a marsh, a sand dune, an ocean, a beach and an inlet. There are many new things to see.

The subtle messages are about appreciating nature and our environment, and the value of friendship and acceptance. Abigail and the sea otter are about as different as two friends can be, but they love and accept each other for who they are.  My favorite part that demonstrates this is when Abigail and the sea otter have their snacks – Abigail doesn’t like oysters and the sea otter doesn’t like marshmallows, but they don’t make a big fuss about it – they just enjoy their own snacks, and all is well.

Overall I recommend this book to younger readers who enjoy a pleasantly simplistic storytelling style and pictures.

About Jeff Fabian

Jeff Fabian is an author who lives in Charleston, SC. His children’s book series is inspired by his young daughter, Abigail and her love for animals, nature, and exploring new places.  

Learn more about Jeff Fabian at www.abigailonanadventure.com and follow him on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/abigailonanadventure/.

Review Copy

I obtained a copy of this book to review from the author in exchange for an honest review.  Need a picture book review?  Contact Me!

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