Author: Lisa White
Illustrator: Stephanie Rosas
ISBN: 9781543985078
Publisher: Independently Published (2019)
Age Range: 5+

Amazon Synopsis:
Did You Know? is the title for a series of children’s books I have written about the energy of love. “Love-Light” is the first of the series and focuses on our connection to this universal force and to each other. Because everything is energy and energy is supposed to flow unimpeded to be at its best, this story teaches how we can recognize and respond to what our energy is doing, learning to be proactive with it instead of reactive. Though this series was written for children, its message is for everyone. I especially hope that families will be inspired to read it so that they can practice growing their love-lights together.

My Review

As the first book in a series about the energy of love, “Did You Know?: love-light” by Lisa White sets a loving tone, helping kids identify with their inner light – the light that is the essence of who they are and the connection with everything in the universe.

I have long been of the belief that your thoughts create your reality. Self-talk, what you think or say about yourself, will attract the kind of life attached to those messages – so be kind to yourself!  It’s especially important to instill this message early on and Lisa’s book is a wonderful tool for creating positivity and mindfulness in children.

The story focuses on energy and love, our connection with the universe and everything in it, and inspires confidence and individuality through short, lyrical, affirmation-like statements. It impresses upon young readers that even though we are all connected, we are all unique, with our own special “sparkle.”

I love how the author incorporates how to deal with circumstances that are less than idyllic, such as “bossy” self-talk or hurt feelings, by connecting with your inner light through breathing and meditation.

The illustrations are just lovely – simple and sweet, they share the inspiration behind the story, enhancing the words with visually appealing colors that radiate “calm.” I especially like the way the artist exhibits children in different settings connecting with their feelings, showing that you can get grounded anywhere. One of my favorites shows a group of children around a table practicing meditation together.

I must say, even though this is a picture book for kids, “Did You Know?: love-light” will appeal to all ages.  I enjoyed it thoroughly and recommend it as a fun book for families to read together. There are even a couple of exercises listed in the back of the book to get started on your positive, affirming lifestyle.

About the Author
Learn more about Lisa White and connect: https://www.facebook.com/didyouknowbooks/

Review Copy

I obtained a copy of this book to review from the author in exchange for an honest review.  Need a picture book review? Contact me!

2 thoughts on “Picture Book Review – Did You Know?: love-light

  1. Dear Sheri,
    What a wonderful idea you have for sharing authors books by reviewing them. I applaude the generosity of your insights about Lisa White’s book “Love Light”. I have read Lisa’s book more than once and just love the meaningful ideas it contains. The illustrations capture the loving, helpful ideas so well.

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