Author: Maria L. Ray
Illustrator: Maria L. Ray
ISBN: 9781679610707
Publisher: Independently Published (2020)
Age Range: Kids of All Ages

Amazon Synopsis: This story is based on the true experiences of the author as she and her husband Cliff, through pain and joy, have raised their son Aric. Maria’s son was hit by a car when he was 14 years old. He was in a coma for three months. During this period, Maria sat by her son and read him stories until he awoke. Maria and her husband nourished Aric through a successful recovery. Her son is now the writer, producer, and performer of Mr. Kind Stories book series and live storytelling. Just as in the story, Maria takes advantage of every opportunity to tell her son he is special and that no other one like him exists in the universe. Beautifully Hand illustrated by the author with full color scenes on every turn and a wonderful message of love and compassion for all children.

My Review

What a sweet, sweet story! Maria Ray brings her family’s story to life in this heartfelt tribute of a mother’s love.

The story begins with a woman in her pregnancy who affirms to the life inside her belly that he is a gift from God, he is very special and that there would be no one like him in the entire universe. The story goes on to follow the milestones as the son grows from being a toddler to becoming a father of his own.  Through each step and life event, the mother gently conveys her love to her son, affirming the message that he is special.

Full confession – this book brought tears to my eyes!  I have an only son and could relate to the author on so many levels.  The story is reminiscent of the classic, “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch – a story that always makes me cry – in a bittersweet kind of way!

What I enjoyed most of all is the message of unconditional love. No matter what our children go through, as a parent they will always hold a special place in our hearts. My own son is expecting his first child soon and I cannot wait for him to experience the love that comes with being a parent.

The illustrations are beautiful and capture the heart of the message perfectly.  The first page with the pregnant woman reminded me of my precious daughter-in-law.

I believe children of all ages will enjoy “From God to Us.” It makes for a wonderful bedtime story young children will want to hear over and over again because the message of being special and unique resonates soundly. Well done!

About the Author

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