Author: Abby Zaitley
Illustrator: Begüm Manav
ISBN: 9781999267308
Publisher: Collections Canada (2019)
Age Range: 3-9
Grade Level: Preschool/Elementary

Amazon Synopsis:

Look inside and see, when you like and love yourself, the world’s a pleasant place to be. Let’s celebrate the joy of liking and loving who you are! I LIKE ME AND I LOVE ME is a rhyming children’s picture book focused on encouraging self-like, self-love and acceptance. The book’s main character is quirky, confident, loving, and is inspiring with their self-confidence. They examine conventional and non-conventional ways of being proud and accepting of yourself shown through beautiful water-colour images, and engaging rhyming text.

My Review

“I Like Me and I Love Me” is a beautiful book about liking and loving yourself.  Right away the main character exudes confidence in herself in a fun and fresh manner and will captivate a young audience with her spunky attitude and style.

It’s never too early to instill the importance of liking and loving yourself for who you are and in all that you do, and this books portrays that message on every page. What I appreciate most about the story is that while it’s easy to like and love yourself when times are good and all is well, the little girl in the story is just as accepting during the rough patches. One of my favorite lines in the book is encouraging and inspirational and promotes this important message so clearly:

“I like me when I trip and fall. I love me when I stand real tall.”

The words are like music, playing across the pages in a whimsy, lyrical rhythm.  Abby Zaitley does a remarkable job covering all aspects of self-love and confidence in her simple and effective tone. The illustrations are gorgeous and compliment the story beautifully. Comforting and soothing watercolor hues are inviting and playful.

Overall, it’s a wonderful message – spectacular illustrations and a beautiful story. I highly recommend “I Like Me and I Love Me” to readers of all ages, but it is an especially important message to read to our little ones early on. Truly an impressive debut by Abby Zaitley. It’s not hard to imagine little ones bouncing all over the place as they are read this delightful tale, and this is a story that will beg to be re-read again and again. So fun!

About the Author

Learn more about Abby Zaitley at https://www.talldorkandmatching.com/.

About the Illustrator

Learn more about Begüm Manav at https://www.behance.net/begmmanav .

Review Copy

I obtained a copy of this book to review from the author in exchange for an honest review.  Need a picture book review? Contact me!

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