Author: Vicky Weber
Illustrator: Masha Klot
Trunk Up Books (2020)
ISBN: 9781734212914
Age Range: 7-11
Grade Level: 2-5

Amazon Synopsis: Lazlo Lemur is nervous about his first day at a new school, especially when he goes to music class. His teacher expects him to learn a new instrument, but there are so many things to remember…will he EVER get it right? Play–and learn–along with Lazlo in this interactive musical tale!

My Review

“Lazlo Learns Recorder” by Vicky Weber is a fun story about friendship, being a new kid at school and music! With step-by-step instructions on how to play the recorder, elementary school students will love this interactive tale!

The story opens with Lazlo the Lemur (don’t you just love that name) and his very first day at a new school. Lazlo is nervous but his worries soon disappear as his teacher is warm and welcoming, and he quickly makes a new friend. The highlight of his first day is music class! Lazlo’s eyes almost pop out of his head as he beholds the beautiful instruments in the music room. The kids can barely contain their excitement when Miss Marmoset gives them each a recorder – how cool is that?! Lazlo struggles at first but soon becomes a wonderful musician who will only improve with practice, and he eagerly looks forward to his next music class!

I love this new book by Vicky Weber! The story is a unique, fun-filled, interactive adventure. Learning a new instrument can be intimidating, as we see when Lazlo first begins his lesson. The author gently promotes the importance of practice and though positive reinforcement and validation of his efforts, Lazlo learns to combine multiple skills to create beautiful musical notes.

The illustrations are absolutely adorable. immediately. Colorful, bright and whimsical, the pictures are such an important element of this story, including detailed drawings of how to hold the recorder and where to place your fingers to play certain notes. Illustrator Masha Klot really delivers the concept of Weber’s story to perfection! The characters are fun and friendly and will appeal to kids of all ages!

For a wonderful story about being a new kid at school, the value of friendship and learning to play a musical instrument, I highly recommend “Lazlo Learns Recorder” by Vicky Weber. The only drawback I can think of is music stores might run out of recorders – kids will definitely want their own and learn to play along. I know I want one!

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