Author: Denver Kidd
Illustrator: Denver Kidd
ISBN: 9780648656920
Publisher: Denver Kidd (2019)
Age Range: 3-9
Grade Level: Preschool/Elementary
Amazon Synopsis:
Maizie and Mum is a sweet story that aims to teach young children that even though leaving a loved one feels scary and sad. You can still have fun and that whoever it is they miss will always come back.

My Review

Maizie is an adorable little pup that loves to spend all of her time with her most favorite person in the world – her mum.  They play games together, eat their meals together and even sleep together.  Then one day, Maizie’s treasured routine with her mum changes when she learns she is going to puppy school. Maizie is scared and sad. What will she do without her mum?

Oh, what a sweet, sweet story. “Maizie and Mum” takes what can be a stressful issue for little ones and turns it into an adventure. Gently nudging Maizie through her journey, Kidd’s writing is the essence of positivity. She cleverly handles Maizie’s sadness and separation anxiety with reassurance and confidence, instilling a sense of well-being that radiates.

Readers young and old can actually feel how the author portrays the gradual acceptance Maizie experiences on her first days of school.  On the first day of puppy school she’s very anxious, but she makes new friends and has a lot of fun.  Maizie enjoys her day but is glad when she’s back home with her mum.  The second day isn’t quite so scary and soon Maizie is easing into a new routine with less apprehension each day.

“Maizie and Mum” is Denver Kidd’s second book and I am utterly in awe of her talent. She uses simple words and short sentences that somehow convey and reveal complex emotions and challenges. The message is clear but not drummed into readers heads, so while it doesn’t feel like a lesson, readers will walk away with the reassurance that new things might indeed be scary – but that’s only because they are new. There is comfort in the knowledge that daily routines may change but some things remain constant – family will always be family!   

And, while the words simply dance along the pages, the illustrations compliment the story beautifully. Like the text, the drawings are simplistic and subtle but completely mesmerizing. The first picture of Maizie looking sad – OMG, if that doesn’t pull at your heart strings I don’t know what will!

The writing is phenomenal.  The illustrations are divine.  “Maizie and Mum” is a wonderful story that kids of all ages will enjoy. Superb story.

About the Author and Illustrator

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