Author: Christine M.B. Smith
Illustrator: Nidham
Publisher: Mascot Books (2020)
ISBN: 9781645430070
Age Level: 4-8
Grade Level: P-3

Amazon Synopsis Lucy has the wiggles and it keeps getting her into trouble! Can the Wise Old Beagle help her learn to be calm and quiet? Join Lucy as she sets off on an adventure to find out! In the first book of this new series, Lucy becomes homesick…until she encounters Sam, a proud cattle dog. As friendship becomes family, Lucy realizes that with patience, there is joy to be found in the journey, not just the destination!

My Review

Funny story – I have a white cat with black spots that a neighbor has dubbed “the cow-cat,” so when I first saw “The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog: The Journey Begins” by Christine M.B. Smith, I knew I had to have this book!

Lucy cannot be still – she never could, even as a young pup on the farm. There is one dog who can help her though – the Wise Old Beagle. Lucy’s quest to find the Wise Old Beagle leaves her lonely and homesick – until she finds a new friend, Sam, and a new farm! Now that Lucy is older and wiser, she discovers a way to be as patient and still as Wise Old Beagle. And it’s a good thing – because Lucy is going to be a mama! I wonder what Lucy’s next adventure will be?

What a sweet, sweet story! I love little Lucy, especially her determination and her free spirit. She’s not afraid of being herself, though she is interested in learning how to take care of her wiggles. And while it’s important we impress upon our kids to be accepting of everyone with all our differences, Lucy displays another important lesson – that we should be open to learning and developing new skills all the time.

It’s fun to watch Lucy develop into a mature, sensitive dog, while maintaining her youthful spirit. In this, Lucy shows us another lesson that we’ve all heard before: It not about the destination, it’s about the journey – in other words – live life to the fullest and enjoy the ride!

Kids will love following along with the story as Lucy does all the things she loves best: running, playing fetch, digging holes, and they will most likely relate to her inexhaustible energy! She is a sweetie, to be sure. The pictures are amazing – bright, colorful and energetic – just like Lucy! The hardback edition is first rate – top quality, durable pages for little hands!

“The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog: The Journey Begins” is Christine M.B. Smith’s debut picture book and I think she has a natural storytelling gift. That her book is inspired by her own dog’s life story, means readers can be sure there will be many more exciting adventures with Lucy to come!

Special Note: Every book purchased benefits Lucy’s rescue group: The Utah Friends of Basset Hounds!

About the Author

Christine M. B. Smith, most frequently referred to as Moooommmyy!, spends most of her day managing a very active household filled with children Joshua, Teresa, and Rachel, as well as their canine companions Max and Lucy. She is blessed to share this busy life with her wonderful husband, Kendall, whose delicious cooking she is always grateful for and with whom she occasionally gets the chance to watch a movie. From scholarship essays to government policy manuals, Christine has spent much of her life writing, but The Adventures of Lucy the Cow-Dog series represents her first foray into children’s literature. Prior to becoming a mother and an author, Christine worked as an environmental manager trying to improve air quality by helping vehicle fleets use cleaner technologies. Her hobbies include researching her family history, hiking, attempting to garden, and studying theology.

Learn more about Christine M.B. Smith and connect at:

Facebook: @LucyCowDogAdventures
Instagram:  @lucycowdogadventures

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