THE ADVENTURES OF LULA & BUSO: A Splash at Victoria Falls
Authors: Mubuso Zamchiya and Mudiwa Zamchiya
Published by: Zamchiya Books (2019)
ISBN: 9781734208115
Age Range: 5-11
Grade Level: K-6

Amazon Synopsis A Splash at Victoria Falls: When Baba announces they’re going on a trip, it makes Lula and Buso’s hearts just skip. A trip? Hooray! If they had their way they’d leave today! The curious kids can’t wait to be told. Where are they going? How will the journey unfold? Baba giggles as he wonders. How will they react to the smoke that thunders? Get the book! Take a look.

My Review

“A Splash at Victoria Falls” is the first book in The Adventures of Lula and Buso by the brother and sister team of Mubuso Zamchiya and Mudiwa Zamchiya. In this debut adventure Lula and Buso travel with Baba, their daddy, to Victoria Falls. While Baba is working he arranges a guided tour for Lula and Buso to visit the Livingstone Museum and Victoria Falls. While waiting for their guide, Orange Bear teaches Lula and Buso about the history of Victoria Falls. They learn the real name for the waterfall, Mosi-o-Tunya, and discover that Africans knew of the falls long before Dr. Livingstone showed up and renamed it Victoria Falls! How does Orange Bear know so much? 

This is such a delightful book – primarily for early readers and elementary school children, younger ages will also enjoy having the story read to them with the animated characters and engaging storyline.  There is a lot of learning thoughtfully revealed through a day full of fun adventures.

The concept of this story is so important – learning the true history of how things really came to be. We tend to take things at face value, never questioning – even things that don’t quite seem to add up.  I love that Lula and Buso ask intelligent questions about things that don’t make sense to them, such as why the falls were given another name and what was wrong with the real name for the falls – why should it be changed to benefit a different culture? Smart kids – I truly enjoyed learning right along with them.

I also love the artwork.  Bubbly, vivid, and bouncy – every page is a burst of happiness with smiling faces and bold bright colors. The love emanates from the pages. Just watching Baba and the kids interact makes the reader wish they were with them on their excursion.

Lula and Buso are fun, energetic characters that make learning an adventure – and isn’t that what learning is all about?

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