Picture Book Review: “Bubbles and Buddy”

Bubbles and Buddy
Author and Illustrator: Denver Kidd
ISBN: 9780646800257
Publisher: Denver Kidd (2019)
Age Range: 2 and up
Grade Level: Preschool – 6

Amazon Synopsis

We may be different, but we will always be family…Bubbles and Buddy is a story that aims to teach young children that however different we can feel, that we will always be family and we will always love each other. Regardless of any reason; be that appearance, interests or personality for example. The story of Bubbles and Buddy will resonate with younger children. In particular: – Children who have siblings or cousins, – Children who are close in age with their siblings or cousins – Children that may be struggling in their relationships – The story would also be comforting for children in blended and alternative families, foster families and/or adopted children. A fun and loving book about two cheeky kittens.

My Review

Bubbles and Buddy are two adorable kittens.  They are brothers and best friends and playmates and pals. The story emphasizes right off the bat that everyone is different, and that it is okay to be different. Bubbles and Buddy look different, play differently, have individual personalities, they like different things, are afraid of different things and they don’t always get along – but that is okay!  They still love each other, they are still brothers, they still have fun, they still take care of each other and will always be best friends and brothers – no matter what.

It’s so important that we impress upon children the absolute acceptance of being okay with being different.  In a world where we learn to compare ourselves to others very early on, this is a message that is never too early to instill. That “Bubbles and Buddy” does so in a kind and gentle manner is a bonus and a win for the author. It doesn’t rhyme but reads poetically, meaning the author’s words feel like they float across the pages – warm, inviting, unintimidating, accepting. It is a delightful, serene reading experience.

The first word that came to mind when I saw the cover of Bubbles and Buddy was, “SWEET!” The illustrations are simple in nature and so very charming. These two little guys cut straight to my heart with their endearing and magnetic-like sweet faces. I turned through the pages several times just to look at these boys. I couldn’t get enough, and little ones will be easily lured into the story by the soft, subtle hues enhancing each page.

Preschoolers and early readers will especially love the lighthearted and playful personalities of Bubbles and Buddy and will be able to identify with one or both of the kittens in their various likes and dislikes, habits and behaviors. That said, this book is not just for kids! The author pulls the reader into the story – even as an adult my preferences swayed towards one of the kittens in particular because I could easily relate to his tendencies.

I highly recommend “Bubbles and Buddy” to readers of all ages but it is an especially important message for our tiniest tots! It’s an impressive debut by Denver Kidd.

About the Author

Learn more about the author, Denver Kidd, at www.denverkidd.com.

Review Copy

I obtained a PDF copy of this book to review from the author in exchange for an honest review. I’m reading my way through 500 picture books to promote authors from all over the world. Need a picture book review? Contact me!