Book Review: Gazelle in the Shadows

“Gazelle in the Shadows” by Michelle Peach is a whirlwind drama combining some of the most exciting elements of political/international intrigue, historical fiction, and coming of age.


It is the story of Elizabeth Booth, a young British college student who is studying Arabic at Durham University.  She travels to Damascus to study and is eagerly welcomed by all she meets. Throughout her journey people go out of their way to help her find housing and become acclimated to the city and culture.  Elizabeth enjoys her life in Damascus – she makes good friends, has a boyfriend and falls easily into her studies. But little inconsistencies start throwing red flags in her direction, and she suddenly discovers she is in a world where nothing is as it seems and she fights for her very survival.

 Blurred Lines

The lines between memoir and fiction blur in this story. The author outlines in the beginning this is a work of fact and fiction intertwined.  The result? A thrilling experience with a genuine vibe.  Readers minds easily manifest the distinctive local attributes in the various settings, cultural behaviors and characteristics of all the players in the story. The authenticity of the plotline, with its shocking twists sets an alarming sense of foreboding as the story plays out. Readers will wonder what was real and what is elaborated on for the benefit of a chilling, dynamic read.

Growing Pains

Initially, the character of Elizabeth pulled me in many different directions. On one hand, she is a bit naïve, but she actually grew on me as she grows with the story.  Considering my own personality, there is no doubt I would have reacted any differently, though perhaps with less courage! In the end, Elizabeth becomes an authentic character with the genuine characteristics of a person in a strange land full of different customs.

To Sum Things Up

I love a story that enthralls while also informing the reader. “Gazelle in the Shadows” does it right – it is through the protagonist’s experiences, (as opposed to just being told what happened), we learn so much about the Syrian people, culture, and a significant era in history – all while being entertained within the pages of a remarkable story.

Overall, “Gazelle in the Shadows” by Michelle Peach is an exciting thriller and I recommend it to fans of fiction and memoir, and especially to those who love a good international political thriller.

Review Copy

Gazelle in the Shadows
Michelle Peach
ISBN 9780692112762
Reviewed for Reader Views (3/19)