Picture Book Review: The Adventures of Lula & Buso: A Splash at Victoria Falls

“A Splash at Victoria Falls” is the first book in The Adventures of Lula and Buso by the brother and sister team of Mubuso Zamchiya and Mudiwa Zamchiya. In this debut adventure Lula and Buso travel with Baba, their daddy, to Victoria Falls. While Baba is working he arranges a guided tour for Lula and Buso to visit the Livingstone Museum and Victoria Falls.

Picture Book Review: You Taught Me Love

“You Taught Me Love” is a fun, vibrant story about love and all the different ways it can be declared and received. It’s the second book in the author’s “With Love” collection and is a playful expression of just how deep a parent’s love is for their children.

Picture Book Review: “What If…”

“What If” is a delightful story about a resourceful young girl who doesn’t let anything hamper her creativity. She has an inherent need to create – she knows she is meant to create, it’s who she is, and nothing will ever stand in her way or thwart her imagination. She uses her endless imagination to think outside the box and look for unique ways to express herself.

Picture Book Review: “Sweety”

Sweety is the sweetest naked mole rat who knows who she is and what she likes. The only problem is, everyone, including her grandma thinks she’s a square peg. Even though Sweety isn’t quite sure what that means, she’s starting to understand it’s because she’s different.

Picture Book Review: “My Llama Drama”

“My Llama Drama”
Author: Lisa Kalma
Illustrator: Eduardo Paj
ISBN: 9780648489610
Publisher: Brindie Books
Age Range: 3 -7
Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2

Amazon Synopsis:

Something strange is going on at the llama farm. The llamas seem to be talking! A talking herd of llamas, can that be? 

A humorous and charming picture book about a bunch of quirky llamas just trying to be heard. The perfect beginning reader story, designed to entertain and enchant children while supporting them to learn to read through clever use of rhyme and repetition.

If you and your child love the entertaining stories of Dr Seuss, Mo Willems and Aaron Blabey, you’re going to love this story!

My Review:

When I saw the title, I knew I had to read, “My Llama Drama,” because I love drama in any form or fashion!  This is such a warm and fun musical read that will be loved by little people and big people alike.

The narrator welcomes readers to the llama farm and lets them in on a little secret – the llamas talk to him! And not only do they talk to him, but they burp and laugh and sing and joke and ask him all sorts of silly questions! This lively group of llamas come in all shapes, sizes and colors and keep the narrator on his toes throughout the story. 

Kids will get a kick out of the llamas crazy antics and adults will have fun reading it aloud to them.  It’s also a perfect story for the beginning reader. Told in perfect rhyme, it’s a fun, magical twirl through llama land and the pictures are absolutely spot on – each llama has it’s own personality that shines brightly and jumps right off the pages!  There are also a few fun facts about llamas at the end of the story. Great story!

About the Author and Illustrator:

Lisa Kalma is an Australian author who lives with her husband, son and their ancient cat in Australia’s bush capital – Canberra.

Lisa is a former primary school teacher with a love of all things Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl. She loves writing humorous children’s books for all the family to enjoy. She is also the owner of publishing imprint, Brindie Books, which publishes notebooks, diaries, journals and more.

Learn more about Lisa Kalma here: www.lisakalma.com.

Learn more about illustrator, Eduardo Paj here: https://www.facebook.com/eduardo.paj

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I downloaded this book from Amazon.com. I’m working my way through 500 picture books. Need a picture book review? Contact me!

Picture Book Review: “Summer Song: A Day in the Life of a Kid”

“Summer Song” packs a ton of non-stop entertainment into a delightful interactive adventure. The joyful story takes readers through a day of summertime fun, encouraging kids to get outside and explore all the wonderful sights and sounds of summer.

Picture Book Review: “If You Want to Fall Asleep”

Author: Jackie Azua Kramer
Illustrator: Lisa Brandenburg
Publisher: Clavis Publishing Inc. (2018)
ISBN: 9781605373959
Age Range: 3 and up
Grade Level: Preschool and up

Amazon Synopsis:

It’s bedtime, but Little Mouse isn’t sleepy. He has tried reading, and snacking, and snuggling, but nothing is helping him fall asleep. Maybe Mama Mouse can help? If you want to fall asleep, what do you do? A wish and a hug and it’s finally time to dream. A sweet story about going to bed and falling asleep. For sleepyheads and night owls ages 4 and up.

My Review:

If your little ones have trouble falling asleep or will do anything they can to avoid turning in for the night, “If You Want to Fall Asleep” is the perfect book to read right before bedtime! Just be careful – your kids might want to try all the suggestions by Mama Mouse!

It’s time for bed, but Little Mouse can’t settle down and keeps coming up with reasons why he cannot fall asleep.  Mama Mouse ever-so-gently provides different options for Little Mouse to try, in hopes of lulling her sweet son into slumber.  He tries reading his favorite book, imagining the fluffy pancakes he’ll get to eat in the morning, snuggling with his favorite stuffed animals, along with many other things – but he simply cannot fall asleep.  

You know, I think I use the word adorable in all of my reviews at least once and I hate to sound so monotonous but it’s TRUE and it’s part of the beauty about books for kids in this age group – they are all adorable.  So, in keeping with my pattern, let me just say, “This story is adorable – adorable – adorable!”

The author is a wonderful storyteller and both parents and kids alike will relate to Little Mouse’s struggles. Here’s one example. Mama is cleaning and shortly after she suggests to Little Mouse that he read his favorite story he appears upon the scene:

Not long after, as Mama Mouse swept,
Little Mouse toddled into the kitchen.
“Mama” said Little Mouse, dragging his blanket.
“I read my favorite book, and I still can’t sleep.”

Are you dealing with this issue currently, or do you have fond memories of this special time in your child’s life? Can’t you just picture it in your head right now?!

Speaking of pictures — the illustrations are extraordinary and will provide as much joy to parents as they will to kids.  In every scene Little Mouse’s toys and stuffed animals are there with him – at first, not wanting to go to bed either, but as the story moves along, Little Mouse’s playmates are eager for their own sleep and their expressions are priceless!  I love that the stuffed animal Little Mouse carries around with him is a cat – ha! It’s little details like this that make the illustrations stand out as works of excellence.

The high-quality pages, the loveable characters, whimsical illustrations, and fabulous story – everything about this book shouts, “top-notch.” It’s a warm and fuzzy, feel good story to share with your tots. It’s also a great example of love and patience for moms (and dads), whose days are jam-packed and bursting at the seams.  Days you wouldn’t trade for anything.

About the Author and Illustrator

Learn more about the author, Jackie Azua Kramer, here: www.jackieazuakramer.com.

Learn more about the illustrator, Lisa Brandenburg, here: www.lisabrandenburg.nl.

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I obtained a copy of this book to review from my local library. I’m working my way through 500 picture books. Need a picture book review? Contact me!

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