Picture Book Review: “Noah’s Shark”

Noah’s Shark
Author: Clare Thompson
Illustrator: Richie T. Evans
Publisher: Bear With Us Productions (2019)
Age Range: 2-6
Grade Level: Preschool – 2

Amazon Synopsis
Join Noah as he learns the hard way that pets are not always easy to look after… especially if your pet is a shark! An amusing rhyming picture book that will make both children and adults smile as they see Noah navigate the difficulties of having a very unsuitable pet. With fun characters and great pictures this book is aimed at 2-6-year-olds but is one the whole family will enjoy.

My Review

Debut picture book author, Clare Thompson delivers an exciting look at the responsibilities that come with pet ownership. In the story, Noah has a shark named Mark, and he is so excited to take him to school for show-and-tell. But that’s where his troubles begin as his teacher tells him adamantly that sharks are not allowed in school. So sets the stage for adventure as Noah and Mark get push-back from nearly everyone they meet, including Noah’s mom and dad. In the end, everything works out as it should with a comfortable permanent home for Mark and a more suitable pet for Noah.

Told to a delightful rhythmic beat, the story is fun to read aloud, the witty, catchy narrative painting vivid images of Noah’s quandary. My favorite part was Dad’s reaction when Noah let Mark loose in his dad’s fishpond –

“But Noah’s Daddy shouted ‘Oi’
As Mark’s tail gave a swish,
‘Please get that shark out of my pond,
He’s eating all my fish!’”

Oi. That made me laugh out loud – good stuff! I also like that the story teaches a couple of valuable lessons without preaching. Not all animals make good pets – and the ones that do, come with responsibilities.

The illustrations are bold and colorful and spot on. Noah looks like a kid who takes his responsibilities seriously. I love his Harry-Potter-esque type glasses, and his overall determination. I didn’t catch at first glance that his backpack is not a backpack at all, but a tank of water for Mark – clever! Smart designs, sharp colors and animated expressions make the illustrations jump off the pages and kids will get a kick out of every single page.

“Noah’s Shark” is a wonderful, charming debut the entire family will enjoy!

About the Author and Illustrator

Learn more about the author, Clare Thompson at: https://www.facebook.com/clarethompsonbooks/

Learn more about the illustrator, Richie T. Evans at: https://www.rdevans.com/

Review Copy

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