Picture Book Review: “Why We Love P.E.”

Author: Jerome Jones
Illustrator: Jose Daniel Oviedo Galeano
ISBN: 9781643072005
Publisher: Mascot Books (2019)
Age Range: 3-9
Grade Level: Preschool/Elementary

Publisher’s Synopsis:
Abby and Tommy are back for another adventure to promote healthy living and fun for kids of all ages. Today, they are having a debate about what the best part of P.E. class is. Will Abby and Tommy agree, or are there too many fun P.E. activities to decide?

My Review

“Why We Love P.E.” by Jerome Jones is the perfect story for back-to-school days featuring siblings Abby and Tommy, as they consider all the reasons why P.E. is their favorite school activity. Kids returning to school, entering school for the first time, and even big kids whose P.E. days have long passed, will enjoy learning and celebrating the significance of physical education.

Abby and Tommy make a great team, and their excitement around all the sports and activities they enjoy in P.E. is infectious! What I love most about the duo is their interactions with each other. They are courteous and respectful to each other – they complement and build each other up, while supporting each other’s ideas and values.

They cheerfully highlight various sports such as soccer, basketball, pickleball, lacrosse, golf, and field day, discussing some of the finer elements of each game and noting the benefits of each. Through their playful discussions kids will learn how P.E. helps build new friendships, improve current skills and learn new skills and helps you take care of your body. I love that the story emphasizes how P.E. provides physical exercise as well as teaches how to control emotions (i.e., through good sportsmanship), and make healthy choices (i.e., through healthy foods) – all things used in every aspect of everyday life.

There are a couple of concepts in the book where younger (preschool/kindergarten-aged) kids will benefit from adult interpretation, such as “compare and contrast” and learning “fundamentals.” The dialogue between Abby and Tommy including these terms may not be commonplace among younger kids, however the author skillfully defines these terms through the actions of Abby and Tommy.

The illustrations are bright, colorful and cheery, just like Abby and Tommy.  There are so many fun items to note in each picture and kids will delight in finding some of their favorite sporting equipment portrayed on the pages. They may even find some new things to explore in their own P.E. classes. Beautiful illustrations – perfectly suited to the story.

Overall, “Why We Love P.E.” is wonderful story that stresses the importance of physical fitness in an uplifting and fun tone.  The best thing about P.E., as Abby and Tommy will relate – it makes you HAPPY!

About the Author

Jerome Jones has a background in teaching elementary grade students and coaching high school sports. He has taught all ages of Elementary grades in many subjects including reading, math, science and PE. He loves to help kids learn and believes that all kids can learn in many different and creative ways. Mr. Jones wants kids to have fun each and every day inside and outside of the classroom.

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